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Bring Your Own!

With an estimated 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups used in the UK each year, bringing your own cup can make a huge difference.

For lots of us, coffee is the fuel for our busy lives. There’s nothing like that morning latte on the way into work, or a comforting cappuccino on your coffee break.
Or maybe you’re more of a tea fan, filling up on early-morning Earl Grey or traditional English Breakfast.
Whatever your drink of choice, though, there’s often one thing in common: the cup.

The vast majority of cafés – us included – serve hot drinks in disposable containers: great for grab & go convenience, but not so great for sustainability.

Coffee cups aren’t always recyclable (ours are) but even then, only an estimated one in 400 coffee cups in the UK make it to recycling.

So what can be done?


Bring your own – and save on your drink!

The biggest way to make a difference is to bring your own reusable cup. You’ll get 30p discount on your drink every time you bring your reusable cup to Café Ubé – better for your pocket, and for the planet.

We temporarily stopped accepting reusable cups over the pandemic, so if you’ve gotten out of the habit, it’s a great time to get back in. And if you’ve never had a reusable cup, why not get one now? Keep reading for tips on choosing a cup, or details of the cups we offer at Café Ubé.

It may seem like a small thing, but it’s the small things that build up to make a big difference. Brits use almost 40 disposable cups per person per year, adding up to billions of coffee cups annually. If all of us make a small change – bringing a reusable cup whenever we remember – we can dramatically cut down on this number.


Get a good cup

You’re much more likely to bring your own if your reusable cup is a good one.

Some may leak, offer poor insultation, or be unpleasant to drink from. Try to find a cup that:

  • has a leakproof lid that’s easy to attach
  • offers the same, or better, insulation as a paper cup
  • fits under a professional coffee machine
  • is pleasant to drink from
  • is easy to clean
  • is durable
  • offers replacement parts if one breaks, rather than having to buy a whole new cup.

At Café Ubé, we looked around to find the best reusable cup: one that offers the same convenience and transportability as a disposable cup, but that’s easy to clean and reuse.
We settled on KeepCups, and we’ve been offering them since 2011.

Barista standard, easy to clean, and with a handy sipper lid, we think they offer a better experience than a disposable – and they’re far better for the planet.
KeepCup also offer replacement parts – so if your lid begins to deteriorate after a lot of reuse, you don’t need to buy a whole new product.

Buy a KeepCup at Café Ubé and get started right away. We offer them at all of our St Helier branches.

If you prefer to use a different brand of reusable cup, that’s no problem – we give 30p discount for any type of reusable cup that you bring. The most important thing is to find a cup that suits you, and to try to remember to bring it when you’d like a hot drink.


Think about recycling

On the odd days that you forget your reusable cup (it happens to us all!) try to be mindful about the disposable cup that you receive. If there’s somewhere you can easily recycle it, then do so.

At our dine-in cafés, like at the airport and harbour, you’ll find specific cup recycling disposal points. In St Helier, you’ll find recycling bins on the high street where elements of the cup can be separated for recycling.